|| Om Param Tatvaaye Naarayanaaye Gurubhayo NamaH ||

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Please input details of your order request for Diksha, Sadhana articles, Books, CDs etc. The order will be dispatched from Jodhpur Gurudham after receipt of payment.

Jai Gurudev


    • You may use this form to send any message to Jodhpur Gurudham to obtain guidance or advice. Please provide your full name, email id, phone number and complete address, to enable us to respond back to you promptly.
    • Please add Rs. 40 as postage charge for each Sadhana packet or book.
    • Indian residents can fill in full name, email, phone number, complete address and order details to subscribe to Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan or to obtain sadhana materials or books through VPP/EPP
    • You can transfer the amount to our bank A/C, and upload the bank transfer transaction details, along with your full name, email, phone number, complete address and order details for faster processing and delivery of your order
    • Please upload your photo if you are applying for Diksha. The photo should be recent (less than 3 months old) and your face (without any spectacles) should be clearly visible in the photo.
    • Postal Address is mandatory to enable us to dispatch sadhana articles and other materials to your contact address.
    • We respect your privacy . By clicking “Submit” button below, you agree to make payment with your free will.
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