|| Om Param Tatvaaye Naarayanaaye Gurubhayo NamaH ||

Why I started this magazine?

The age in which we live is of great struggle, selfishness, deceit, competition and in which the end is more important than the means. Morality is declining, human feelings have no value and people are getting caught and sucked into the mire of materialism. So caught is one in the race of earning wealth that no one has time to stop and think for a moment where we are heading. May be there are some fleeting moments when we do think what is happening to this world, what our goal is, what is the real essence of human life but the next moment we are again caught in the mad race and we forget everything. We are compelled to think selfishly and curb all tender feelings.

This is an age of great upheaval called Sankranti Kaal. People today do have love for the ancient culture but they are overwhelmed by the new culture. They do believe in God but they are forced to breathe in the poisonous air of disbelief. They have respect for their ancestors but the new values have deluded their minds. They are curious about the ancient sciences but without proper guidance they are not able to understand it.

We all know that we are Indians and are the children of the land which was once the richest and most knowledgeable. We know that there was a time when there was no more advanced country in the world. This is why we feel so proud of our rich heritage. Whenever the names of our ancestors are mentioned we are filled with pride. Because of the amazing science of Mantra and Tantra we can proudly face the world. This knowledge is eternal and immortal. It is very rare and wonderful.

The world might well have progressed a lot in many fields but still countries like Germany and Japan feel delighted to bow to the knowledge of Mantra and Tantra that exists in India. They are forced to accept India’s supremeness in this field. And they expect India to lead the world in the field of spiritualism. Evidence to this fact is the large influx of foreigners to India with the hope of learning meditation, Yoga, Sadhanas and Mantras. Our ancient texts have been secretly carried away to other countries and one can see foreigners wandering through India in search of real knowledge.

But what are we doing? Have we ever thought about this? In the mad race of materialism have we ever stopped for a few moments and thought about preserving the rich knowledge of our ancients? When foreigners can travel thousands of miles to gain this knowledge can we not do anything to preserve it sitting at home? No we never thought about this. We never tried anything. We never found any time to devote to this venture.

And it is because of our apathy towards our own culture that the next generations are becoming so routes, so uncontrolled. God and spiritualism are today made targets of jokes. No one has any respect for rules and regulations. All that falls to the share of our rich culture, knowledge and philosophy is hatred and disbelief. We sit doing nothing while the western culture invades our country and destroys our cultural roots. We are simply not reacting as it goes about criticizing our ancestors, our values and our precious knowledge. We are made witnesses to the destruction of the essence and soul of humanity.

Will the coming generations forgive us for our attitude? When the future generations shall ask us why we kept quite and did nothing what shall you say? You simply won’t have any answer. Indiscipline and nakedness rule the roost today. The new generation has more faith in Discos, cheap literature, looting, raping, plunder, lust and deceit. They prefer film magazines to religious texts. Such magazines make fun of our culture, our religion and our gods and goddesses. And our children read such literature. That is why they are choosing the path of destruction in life. They have no faith in Mantras, Tantra, God or religion. This is the very reason why they are so worried today. They have lost their real base. The new base that they have chosen is very shaky. They want to return to their roots but they are deluded by false glare of materialism and hence they feel so confused. Vulgar literature has destroyed balance of mind and made them lose their way.

In such a situation they need you. They need right guidance. They need to be introduced to good literature. Respect for the ancestors need to be revived in their hearts. They need to be introduced to human values. They need to be made aware of the power of Mantra and Tantra. All they have learnt is to sip the poison of materialism. The cup of spiritual elixir needs to be raised to their lips. A bright lamp needs to be lit in dark lives.

I have tried to light a lamp in the darkness that prevails in this world. I have tried to make light where only darkness exists. Guided by this light we can reach our goal, we can be reintroduced to our rich literature and our ancient Rishis and Yogis. It is with this aim that I have started the magazine Ancient Mantra Yantra Science (Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan).

My only thought is to give the right thinking in this age of confusion. If we shall not take the right step who else shall? If we do not take up the responsibility of lighting lamps in the darkness who else shall?

My only aim, my only goal is to resurrect the lost and extinct culture, to revive faith in the science of Mantra and Tantra and to keep them safe for future generations. I have assumed the mantle of Guruhood because I have your support and cooperation. You have promised and taken the vow to help me in this venture. I feel very happy about this and I have full faith and confidence in you. With heartfelt love and affection!

– Kailash Chandra Shrimaliji

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